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Helping Hands



YEMAID aims to alleviate poverty, improve living conditions and working on the provision of a decent life for individuals worldwide. YEMAID will be working closely on providing the necessary basic needs of life in order to survive i.e., shelter, food, safe water, medication and winter clothing. 


The outcomes of the charity’s work will be to deliver high quality food parcels and clean water to the poorest and most vulnerable individuals. In addition to this we also cover Hospital fees for life threatening illnesses. 


The food parcels will contain mineral water, rice, pasta, sugar, tea, oil, beans, ghee, tomato puree, and flour. These are the main necessities that an average family would need to survive on, both adults and children. 


We also work on delivering thick blankets and pillows to families and individuals whom live on the streets during the winter period. 


YEMAID also distributes cash donations, to the most vulnerable and poorest families that we can find. To help them with their unpaid rent, medication and utilities.

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